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Telehealth Visit During the Covid-19 Shut Down

Let's begin by saying, "This Sucks". Currently we are confronted with a situation that may prevent our patients from receiving the care and maintenance of their conditions due to not being able to leave their homes and go for office visits. CMS has lessened the guidelines for Telehealth visits during this time. Physicians and practitioners have the option to perform home visits via telephone and web access. Many of the regulations that previously prevented Physicians from offering this service, to their patients, have been done away with temporarily during this time. Understanding the concept and navigating the coding aspect of billing is difficult because all insurance have not yet complied with the changes and each commercial insurance has is own policy for coding these visits. If you are employed by a Physician, Clinic or Free-standing Emergency Center, you already know how difficult it is to get regular office visits paid, let alone Telehealth visits. We are working with clinicians to help set up Telehealth programs and offer any and all support to those interested in making Telehealth a permanent service for your patients.

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