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Drama in The White House

The issue we are facing today seem to be more exaggerated then those of the past. The President and his cabinet have decided to do away with many of the programs that feed our young and old people. His decision to cut meals on wheels took the cake for most Democrats and some Republicans. It seems his biggest concern is Obamacare which will cost upwards of 24 million dollars to repeal and outrageous military spending. We have so many issues that should be classified as a priority with the President but are not. There is fear looming in America and the basis of this fear is uncertainty. We all love the comfort of knowing that our President has it all together and that the choices he makes are for the betterment of our country and it's citizens, but there is doubt there and we feel as if the world could come crashing down around us. There are countries that are laughing at us at a time when the U.S should be shinning due to the work President Obama accomplished, such as lowering the unemployment rate to below 5%. The U.S has now become the but of jokes due to the unrelenting lies and behaviors of this President. Wake up folks, we are being attack by more than the jihadist, our country is under attack from the people sworn to protect it.

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